JFugue - Java API for Music Programming

Presentations at MeetUps

Boston Alexa Meetup, November, 2017 PremierLeague, an Alexa skill

Boston AWS Meetup, September, 2017 PremierLeague, an Alexa skill
AWS Portsmouth User Group, April, 2017 AWS Overview and Introduction to Alexa
Boston AWS Meetup, August, 2016, "More Screen Time, An Alexa Skill"
MetroWest Coders, January, 2016 "AWS Overview" Presentation Video
New England Java User's Group, January, 2016 "AWS Overview With Selected Deep Dives"
New England Java User's Group, October, 2015 "Running Cassandra in the Cloud"
Boston AWS Meetup, March 2014 “Using Spot Instances in Use Cases One Might Not Have Thought About"
Boston AWS Meetup, July, 2013 “AWS Infrastructure Automation – Tools, Scripts, and Tips” (one of several speakers giving informal talks)
New England Java User’s Group: March 2012, “Scala Open Source Case Study
Led the Boston Architectural Kata Practitioners October meeting on designing an ROV system
New England Java User’s Group: August 2009, “JFugue and Log4JFugue

Crowd at NEJUG meeting on AWS

Presentations at Conferences

National Cable Television Spring Conference

Intelligent Caching In An ABR Multi-Format CDN World, The Boston Cable Show, Spring 2012


JavaOne 2012, “Advanced Beginner Scala”
JavaOne 2009, Programming Music for Fun and Productivity; a talk about converting any program’s log file into a music string so as to debug your program like an auto mechanic listens to your car. Presentation was rated one of the best of show and I was awarded Rock Star status.
Java Talk Radio Interview at JavaOne


Atlassian Summit 2010 ,“Making the Switch”, a presentation on innovative ways to use Eclipse, Mylyn and Jira as both an integrated development system and a training library. Received Charlie Award for Innovation.

Presentation Video

"User Modeling at a dolphin language laboratory", presented to the IEEE 1988 conference on Artificial Intelligence Applications, San Diego, CA.

"Easel: A User Interface Management Tool", presented at 1985 ACM SIGCHI.