JFugue - Java API for Music Programming

I have publications in a number of venues such as

- SearchAWS.com an online magazine covering Amazon Web Services
- LinkedIn Pulse News
- No Fluff, Just Stuff, the magazine of the No Fluff Conference
- PragPub which is the magazine of Dave Thomas and Andy Hunt aka the Pragmatic Programmers
- NCTA 2012 Spring Technical Forum Proceedings
- Dr Dobbs


November 2017, re:Invent Predictions"

October 2017, Five Alexa tricks to build better, more interactive skills

January 2016, Dive into AWS Lambda example code for S3 alerts

January 2016, Set up and configure an AWS Lambda function

June 2015, AWS Config add-on automates AWS tags creation

June 2015, AWS nudging users toward HVM instance type

June 2015, Wrangle AWS Spot Instances with Spot Fleets and save

April 2015, Its not you Docker, its me

May 2014, Cost of running Docker Containers vs. AWS Instances

May 2014, Demystifying AWS and Docker

May 2014, Your Mission's Not That Critical

May 2014, Combatting a common error with AWS EC2 Instances

May 2014, The Inner Workings of AWS AutoScaling

May 2014, Setup AWS CloudWatch Alerts and Alarms

April 2014, AWS CloudWatch Terms and Definitions

March 2014, Setting up your first AWS account

LinkedIn Pulse News

My LinkedIn Pulse News Articles

National Cable Television Annual Meeting

May 2012, Intelligent Caching In An ABR Multi-Format CDN World, NCTA
May 2012, Complexity Considerations for Centralized vs Remote Packaging, NCTA

No Fluff, Just Stuff

April 2012, Scala Case Study: Rewriting an Open Source Music Program (part 2), No Fluff, Just Stuff
March 2012, Scala Case Study: Rewriting an Open Source Music Program (part 1)), No Fluff, Just Stuff
December 2011, Knowns and Unknowns of Agile), No Fluff, Just Stuff

Pragmatic Programmer Magazine

October 2013, Apps vs. Web

December 2012, Agile in the Small

March 2012, Retrospective Velocity

March 2012, Comparing Scala and Java's Expressiveness

December 2011, A new approach to logging

November 2011, The long history of root cause analysis

Sept 2011 Scala Traits For The Java Programmer

August 2011 Code As Dialog

May 2011 Catch the Pig!

November 2010 The value of a personal bug log"

September 2010 The Key to Better Software

June 2010 Better Tools and Training

May 2010 The Floating Finish Line

April 2010 Medicine Making Music

March 2010 Testing As Contract

November 2009 Interrupt Mood

June 2009 ...And Your Bugs Can Sing

Dr Dobbs

June 2010 Debugging MySQL Stored Procedures

I am also one of the co-authors of the New England Java Group's 2002 book: "Coding Standards for Java"