JFugue - Java API for Music Programming

In the last ten years I've worked at several startups, some of which succeeded and some of which folded. I'm now working at an established medium sized company; still working hard and fast and in the cloud, but with more stable resources! I was previously a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at Motorola Mobility.

In recent years I've had about three dozen technical articles published, received my seventh US Patent and have three more patents somewhere in the process. I've also given technical presentations at a variety of forums ranging from local User Groups to JavaOne (I spoke at JavaOne twice, winning both Rock Star and Duke's Choice awards).

I write a tips column for SearchAWS.com which is an on-line magazine covering the Amazon cloud.

My interests range across technical topics, writing and music. I've learned a number of wind instruments in the last few years and am working on producing a collection of songs.

I've also been spending a lot of time learning the Scala programming language and writing technical articles about the process.

I have four active side projects:

Log4ScalaFugue - a system for turning log files into music

MoreScreenTime - an Alexa skill that makes a child's screen time depend on them doing their chores

PremierLeague - an Alex skill that lets you get information about the British Premier League. It has almost 500 users and 15 five star reviews

ChampionsLeague - an Alex skill that lets you get information about the UEFA Champions League

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